Our responsibility

To our clients

Q-ACT is our answer to the Quality challenges.

The concept is based on our beliefs that the collaboration between our clients and us is more than a client-supplier relationship; it is an ethical agreement. This ethical approach supports our work for providing high-level quality solutions and elegance for all formal and informal actions we should do together. 

To ourselves

Internal educational projects

All of us are involved in various education projects, technical and nontechnical.

Expertise as an Art project

We are living in the conceptual age. We have just moved from the information age. This awareness has made us to effectively implement the design paradigm as our business engine.

We know that “business people do not need to understand design better; they should be designers.” Roger Martin

To the society

We believe that a company can ensure its sustainability only if it is engaged in doing projects together with the community and society of the environment in which it acts. Maybe this work is the most important we are doing.

Our social projects

The Total Boxing Project

Enterprise Concept owns a boxing club: Total Boxing. Focusing the education through sport (in the case boxing as a noble art) we ensure sponsorship and logistics support. The athletes are children coming from the environments with high socio-economic risks such as poor families, orphanages, etc. We ensure education, sport practicing, meals, clothes, schoolbooks, and additional preparation with volunteer teachers. Our main objectives are creating models for their environment and high-level education development.