Valuement – an international consulting company specialized in accounting & purchasing processes and data analysis, operating in several European & CIS countries – is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Enterprise Concept.

Valuement was founded by Profit Recovery top management professionals with over 10 years of expertise gained throughout extensive transaction-analysis and profit recovery assessments carried out for over 60 of the largest global retail companies such as Metro, Carrefour, Auchan, Delhaize Group and others.

With this strategic partnership, Valuement will advance its mission to deliver value for enterprise customers through dedicated Profit Recovery expertise and proficient implementation of Business Process Management Solutions – linking together strategy, information flows, systems and people.Processes will be modeled and executed using dedicated technologies, in order to orchestrate business activities and obtain relevant key performance indicators.

Enterprise Concept will leverage Valuement’s capabilities of providing customers with comprehensive analysis of processes and internal transactions of the past financial years by implementing dedicated BPM tools to resolve, automate and orchestrate those particular processes that provide core business value. This would enable customers to see an end-to-end visual representation of cost monitoring activities and potential failures displaying transactional KPI’s and risk areas in order to:

  1. Understand and Identify (errors and areas of risk)
  2. Align and Improve (people and processes)
  3. Enable and Implement (technology and competencies)
  4. Optimize (processes and activities)

The Valuement-Enterprise Concept partnership translates into integrated business consulting solutions empowering enterprise customers to recover lost profit, monitor and control current transactions by connecting enterprises’ data in new ways to identify errors and areas of risk and improvement.

Enterprise Concept uses design change as the leitmotif in its consultancy when solving problems that companies have. By embracing three major innovative concepts – Decision Management System, Business Process Management and Business Performance Management – the company has adopted a human-centered approach developed around key consulting practices: insight, observation and empathy.

“Design used to be about shaping digital things for people’s use. We are now living modern times where design has vividly stretched and prolonged to helping organizations reshape themselves. We are designing processes and organizations as much as we are designing products and services.” G. Cretu – CEO of Enterprise Concept

Combined with the expertise and experience of the Valuement consultants, Enterprise Concept aims to enhance business value and process performance that keeps organizations agile and pro-active to stay ahead of the competition and retain or gain customers as market pressures change.