Decision Management (DM)

test As long as the computing capabilities penetrate the lowest levels of the organizations hierarchies, the decision diffused to those levels. Today, more than 90% of the decisions are event-based and they are coming from the deepest operational levels. Moreover, the economic turbulences have transformed the entire spectrum of operational inputs into events that should be specifically treated. Therefore, the decision-making moved from a pure strategic action into a more financial and competitive advantage. The decision is becoming transactional and as an immediate consequence, it is costly. Enterprise Concept has been playing a pivotal role in the development of this new concept. As a matter of fact the concept has been described for the first time by a group of consultants of Enterprise Concept and it was successfully implemented to some business global leaders.

Business Process Management (BPM)


The business enterprises orientation to the practice of business process management is becoming relevant in order to achieve real cut costing strategies and offer quality products and services to the market. In a world of tough competition, Business Process Management is the main management practice of nowadays. It is proposing a creative design of business, standardizing the routines, an interactive relationship of the firm with its ecosystem and software automation. Enterprise Concept is the regional leader covering both parts of a successful implementation: the consulting part and the software execution.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

test In the Enterprise Concept’s vision, performance is an innovative concept. We link the traditional aspects of Controlling Systems such as planning & budgeting, financial consolidation and Balanced Scorecard principles to the new Business Intelligence concepts, focusing the entire work to the quality of information provided and to the new reality requirements

Risk Management (RM)

test When looking at Risk Management, companies must align risk appetite and strategy by enhancing risk response decisions through effective reduction of operational surprises and losses. While the Business Process Management approach ensures that all operational activities within the organization have been identified and all the risks flowing from these activities have been defined – it also classifies and categorizes all associated volatility related to these incidents. Value is boosted when management aligns strategy and goals to strike an optimal balance between growth and return targets, whilst focusing on related risks. Enterprise Concept has fostered an ever-growing capability to analyze risk statistics and the situational context at the decision time, focusing on interpreting and using data to discover insights that empower clients to continually identify and automate risk decisions over time. By examining a full range of potential events, management is then expected to identify and proactively realize opportunities. The way in which companies manage to efficiently deploy resources to govern risk decisions in pursuit of their objectives stands alone as competitive advantage.